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About Us



ESG Insurance Solutions strongly believes in creating a sustainable business environment. We represent insurance companies that exhibit a commitment to ESG sustainability. ESG issues are becoming more widely scrutinized in today’s corporate world. Companies are being requested to provide their ESG policies as a consideration for partnerships and to attract customers. ESG Insurance Solutions is dedicated to partnering with insurance companies that also value ESG considerations.

About Us


  • Climate change, for example carbon emissions, product carbon footprint and vulnerability to climate change.
  • Natural resources, for example raw material sourcing and water stress.
  • Pollution and waste, for example toxic emissions and waste, packaging material and waste and electronic waste.
  • Environmental opportunities, such as opportunities in renewable energy or clean technology.
About Us


  • Human capital, for example company labor management, health and safety and human capital development.
  • Product liability, such as privacy and data security, financial product safety, health and demographic risk and product safety and quality.
  • Stakeholder opposition, for example controversial sourcing.
  • Social opportunities, for example the provision of access to finance, healthcare and communications.
About Us


  • Corporate governance, for example board structure and diversity, executive pay and use of accurate and transparent accounting methods.
  • Corporate behavior, for example business ethics, tax transparency and use of anti-competitive practices.


About Us

Jason G. Mandel
Founder & CEO

888-379-0270 x2

Jason G. Mandel has spent over 25 years at the intersection of Wall Street and the insurance industry.  Mr. Mandel founded ESG Insurance Solutions ( in 2020 to help better integrate these two, often conflicting, worlds.  Having a strong belief in ESG concepts (Environmental, Social and Governance), Mr. Mandel found a way of incorporating his beliefs in his business.

Representing only insurance carriers and products that he believes offer compelling risk management solutions and maintaining business practices that he can support, Mr. Mandel has led the industry in this ESG initiative.  ESG Insurance Solutions serves some of the wealthiest families internationally, and their business entities, by providing asset protection, advanced tax minimization vehicles, principal protected tax-free income structures, employee retention strategies, key person coverage and tax-free enhanced retirement plans for their essential employees.

About Us

Carla Lawton, CLU, CLTC
Managing Director of Insurance Operations

888-379-0270 x1

Carla Lawton has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years and began working at ESG Insurance Solutions when it was founded in 2020. Carla runs the operational side of ESG Insurance Solutions and is an expert on life, long-term care & disability products.

Carla’s experience within the insurance industry is quite diverse. Prior to working at ESG, she held positions working at insurance carriers, broker dealers, broker general agencies and individual insurance producers. This wide-ranging employment history gives Carla a unique understanding on all the different insurance products and how to determine which product is best suited for individual clients.

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