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Partnership Opportunities

ESG takes a unique and tailored approach to referral partnerships. Whether you need us to take a hands-on approach where we handle everything from client communications through in-force policy or whether you are looking for a ‘back office’ to negotiate with underwriters and assistance in case design, we’ve got your back.

Tier 1

ESG is the responsible licensed entity. You will only be expected to refer the client and make the necessary introductions. ESG will handle all of the work to secure the policy.

Tier 2

ESG is the responsible licensed entity. You refer the client along with collecting data such as tax returns and medical release forms and we handle the bulk of the work to secure the policy. We will participate in conference calls and meetings with the client and bring the policy process to complete fruition.

Tier 3

Your firm secures its own insurance license and is fully responsible for each transaction. The Referring Partner firm has access to ESG staff to help them in participating in client meetings and calls and will help with case management. All documentation and applications are the responsibility of  the partner firm.

Tier 4

ESG will provide limited assistance with marketing and client referrals. ESG will be responsible for negotiating with carrier underwriters and providing access to compensation arrangements with a multitude of carriers. ESG will also provide case design and case management assistance to your firm.

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