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Disability Insurance

Protecting Income

For many clients in their working years, the ability to continue to earn an income likely represents their single biggest asset – and as such, financial planning success is often predicated on a client continuing to earn, save and invest in order to achieve their stated goals and objectives.

Disability insurance protects client income if they are too sick or hurt to earn income at their normal rate. 

This area of planning tends to be daunting to broach for many advisors – even seasoned insurance professionals, as appropriate policy construction is a combination of carrier selection, benefit design, and filtering through the seemingly endless riders to cobble together the right combination that achieves the income replacement goals effectively and in-budget.

Empowering you to confidently navigate these complexities is the aim of our platform – you can rely on our experience and expertise in this arena to procure the right solution for your client, whether it is individual disability income protection, a salary continuation plan for the employees of a business, or funding a buyout of a permanently disabled business partner. We are also keenly aware of the occupational idiosyncrasies that are so important to address effectively in this space as part of the plan design and underwriting processes.

If you have any questions about disability insurance, contact our team of dedicated agents at 888-379-0270 or come by our office today!

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